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PUBG Hack and Cheats Generator :- No verification {New}

The player unknown Battle Ground is a battle game that people play online. It engages more than one player at a time. This is because it is a competition.
It can accommodate a maximum of 100 players. They fight vigorously in Battle Royale. The best player wins a chicken meal and some currency.

PUBG Hack has been playing a part in establishing it. This corporation is a substitute of Bluehole. Its offices are in Southern Korea.
Greene was developing this game basing it on his former experience on forming other games. He was getting inspiration from Battle Royale which is a 2000 film.
He was successful in expanding the game to standalone game. He was keen while giving his instruction as experts were working on that project.
He was having a lot of confidence that the game was to be successful and rank among the best ones.


-Hack tool is an essential requirement while playing this game. It helps in gaining free points, and you beat all other players you are competing.
-When you are new to this game, you find it to be exciting. It becomes even more enticing when you win. You get the urge to continue, and you may spend your whole day playing it.
-The good news is that the hack tool is free of charge. You will not have to spend your money on buying the app.
-Its codes get an update regularly; this allows you to keep winning despite the number of competitors you have.
-It is not complex at all; you will learn how to use it very quickly. Read the instructions before you download it.
-Choose your platform and the points that you require.
-Click “Start Generate,” and that’s it wait for the human verification step.
-Once you complete the human verification process, you are good to go.
-It is safe to use; the developer cannot ban you from using it. You can use it on different platforms like windows, android, and IOS.

                           HACK PUBG ONLINE


You will enjoy using it because it has unique features. It gets regular updates; this allows the players to keep outmatching the others.
It is used on different devices; this includes the windows, smartphones, and IOS.
It is safe because its encryption system keeps advancing.
There is a better version for desktop.
It is free of charge; you don’t have to spend your money to get it.


Identifying the good tool may be tricky. Many scam and servers may be having the virus. Suppose you get their content your device will crash.
This is why you should take your time to research thoroughly. You can as well ask your friends who have the information on the genuine websites.


There are so many conmen on the internet. Avoid sharing your personal information like your credit card number. There are others who may ask for your credit card password.
Create a new email account to use correctly for downloading this tool. Avoid using your regular email address.
This is to prevent hackers from accessing your account that you may be using on sensitive matters.


Do not use the tool for a long time without taking brakes. When you do so, the system will not ban you from using it.


When you do this, you will be safe; game’s publisher will not ban you.


The smartphones producers are advancing them lately. They are increasing their processing power every day. Most of them can now support the use of virtual reality.
The hack tool now works well when you are using your smartphone. This is why you find that so many people use them to play games.


                            HACK PUBG ONLINE


Players lands on the battlefield that is eight by eight kilometers from a parachute. Each of them jumps when they find a place they are comfortable on land. The plane uses the different route as each round starts.
There are some that do not wear any gears. They can play as individuals or as teams. The Battle Field is on an island.
The players look for the weapons and equipment in buildings or other places that help them in fighting their competitors.
There are so many weapons and equipment all over the map as the game starts. The areas that are riskier have better weapons.
The rule of the game is that the player who kills other is the winner. He should injure as many as possible as he takes care of himself.
When a player kills the other one he loots his gears. There is a map for the game; it has a safe area that keeps reducing as time goes.
They should run in a secure area so that they will not be out of the game. The boundary has a visible blue wall.
As a result, the players converge in a smaller area and hiding becomes very difficult. This makes the battle to be fierce because each of them wants to be the winner. They all try so hard to eliminate other players.
Some regions get a red highlight during the game. This is a sign of danger and bombing can take place anytime.
Players get an alert before this happens to require them to relocate to a secure place in haste. A plane passes by the playing map and drops some packages.
They have various items that may be hard to get as usual gameplay is in session. The packages have a red smoke that attracts many players. As they approach to see they meet and they fight vigorously.


The game lasts for 30 minutes only. The individual or team that does not have an injury is the winner. The winner gets some game currency depending on several considerations.
This depends on the level of damage to others, how long he was able to survive and how many he was able to kill.
They use the currency in buying cosmetics items. They buy them in crates. The characters apply the makeup on their faces.
There is a way a server can be set to manipulate how the game will be. It is possible to remove some features that favor some players to make all of them equal.
Microsoft window was the first one to get this game in March 2017. This was via the beta program.
On 20th December 2017, people were so happy because the Player unknown’s battleground got released.
Still, in this month Microsoft studio was releasing this game but for Xbox. They were using their Xbox preview program.
After a short time, Ten Cent game was releasing this game in China. In early 2018 the experts were releasing a version that was valid for a mobile version.
People who like this game can now have it on their mobile phones and play at their convenience. The window version has been making a good sale, around 30 million copies after and before the launching.
The Xbox version has been making a good sale of around five million.
In 2018 Greene was introducing a new mode; Rotation Event. The rule of the game was changing gradually with this introduction.
Now the players are forming more prominent groups. They are now distributing equipment and weapons randomly.


There were different reactions from people, after releasing the final version of this game. Some were praising it, and others were criticizing it.
There were some technical hitches when the game was still new. Things were becoming better as the founder and other experts were improving on the technology.
The game has unique features; many people have been playing it with excitement. It is easy to play it, and you do not require any skills for you to be a winner.
You only need to understand the rule of the game. It is also important to be having full information on how to keep everything under control.
In the year 2017, this game was getting nominations for the game of the year. People were considering it as the leading game of Battle Royale. It was now the one setting the pace for the other.
Games that were in existence for many years were not able to compete in the Battle Ground game. It was outmatching all of them.
They were admiring it and even copied many features and tricks it was using. It feels good when you come up with something new in the market, and you do better than your competitors.
It is fulfilling especially when you see that people are embracing your product. You enjoy it when you get to know that they want to learn from you.
Players were leaving their previous game to spend their time playing this one.
Soon after this game was successful, other game experts were starting to add the styles of Battle Royal. Many people in China were showing their interest.
PUBG corporation was doing all that was within its capacity, to advertise it. All this effort was to make people all over the world to embrace the game.


Greene is the founder of Battle Ground. He has a vast experience when it comes to forming games.
He had another game in 2013 that is called Day Z. It was getting a quick response from the fans all over the world.
He was also getting inspiration from Survivor GameZ. People were streaming it and accessing it from twitch T v.
He was willing to make a game that can accommodate everyone. He was reading a novel by Hunger Ganes. Here, players we having weapons in only one place.
Later, they spread the weapons to allow the players to have a better chance to access them. This was improving the opportunities for their survival.
He was getting another inspiration from the famous Battle Royale film. He intended to use a square ground; he is currently using a circular one.
That time he was living at the far end of Brazil. He was an excellent graphic designer, photographer, and web designer.
He was having fun playing video games. Examples of those videos were Black Hawk Down, delta force, Day Z mod and America’s army.
He was getting interested in games. He was starting to learn about programming. He was not happy with how some games were. In some of them, there was a lot of repetition, and the playing map was small.
When the map is smaller, the players can master the field. This will make the game to be predictable and monotonous.
When the map is more significant, the game becomes so fun. They cannot master the ground and the danger zones. He was looking forward to forming a game that was hard to predict.
The tricks and approach of the game were to change with each round. Placing items randomly have been helping in making players to feel the impact of the challenge at all times.
He was working closely with PUBG Corporation to developing it. The corporation did a great job in marketing and in helping people to know how to play.
It was opening many offices in the United States. They were having the plans of opening others in Japan and Europe.


The game was doing well from the beginning. Bluehole was announcing a charity event. 128 players were competing with This was to get funds to offer to Gamers Foundation.
Bluehole was to add 100000 dollars to the money.


Ensure that you get a hack tool for this game. It is free and easy to use. Your competitors will never beat you. You will earn free points and more currencies.
Be safe at all times; get the tool that has anti-ban, the publisher will not ban you.
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Jio Media Cable - Price in india, Availability, use and more

What is jio media cable?

 Jio media cable is a device which is connected to your jio phone and cast jio phone apps to the tv screen. You can stream videos from jio tv, jio cinema, youtube, etc. 

Jio media cable only works with jio phone 1 and jio phone 2. Jio media cable is a pretty cool device which helps to watch tv shows and movies directly on tv by just paying Rs 49 every month. 

There are many myths about jio media cable and in this post, I will tell you everything about jio media cable like when this cable will available to you, what will price and how you can use this cable.

Jio media cable variants

Jio Media cable comes in two variants one of them is for old TVs which works with audio video cable and second is HDMI cable. Both works similar there is only one difference between these two cables that is the output port.

 Jio media cable with HDMI cable will only work with Modern TVs with HDMI ports definitely this will provide better quality to you but on the other side you will get standard quality but you can use this cable with any tv.

Moreover, Jio media cable comes in two colors boxes red and blue. Cable with audio video cable comes in a red box and cable with HDMI port comes in a blue box. These colors help you to find out right cable for you.

Jio Cable Price

Jio cable price is not confirmed yet but it is predicted that jio media cable will cost around Rs 500. It will definitely cheaper than jio phone and also free to use. You have no need to pay any extra fees to use jio media cable.

From where you can buy jio media cable?

Jio media is only available for testing yet you can not buy it from stores. When it will available for the public you can buy it from jio stores and also from local shops. Like other jio devices, jio media cable will also available on online stores and also

When jio media cable will available?

According to jio customer care, there is no information about jio media cable like when it will launch 
but according to experts, it comes till next year or according to some others, jio media cable will never come because jio is planning to launch other tv services due to this jio is delaying the launching of jio media cable.

How to use jio media cable?

Jio media cable work by using your phone data. Jio media cable creates a connection between your phone and Tv.  Jio media cable works differently with different TVs

If you have old tv than you need a jio media cable with audio-video port and a jio phone with an internet pack because you can stream apps like jio tv jio cinema which requires internet to work.
After this, you have connected to your phone with jio media cable by using the micro USB port and in tv put yellow cable in video port and red cable in the audio port.

After this connect a power cable from a standard micro USB cable to give power to jio media cable. Now jio media cable will start working and take some time to setup automatically it will take longer in the first start.

Now open an application like jio tv or jio cinema and start a video now jio media cable will start that movie casting to your tv screen.

If you are using a tv HDMI port then you need to buy a jio media cable with HDMI port which will comes in a blue box.

First of all, connect jio media cable to tv by using HDMI port, now connect another side of the cable to phone and in micro USB port after this power, you jio media cable by using micro USB cable by using a tv USB port or a standard mobile charging adapter.

After setting up all cables turn on your tv now jio media cable take some time to set up. after this open jio cinema or jio tv and select a show or video. now you will notice that jio media cable start casting show on the tv screen.

Features of jio media cable

  • Jio media cable will help you to cast screen from your jio phone to your Tv in two different definitions one of the standard and another is HD.
  • It will cost you zero rupees to you. you just need an active internet connection on your jio phone
  • It will consume less data from your phone
  • Quality of photos will be better
  • Cost less as compared to your DTH box
  • It is a really handy device you can carry it with your self
  • Consumes less power as compared to a DTH box because it will work with a standard mobile charger.

Disadvantages of jio media cable

  • Quality is not that great
  • You can use until you have internet

Why Jio media cable is not available?

Jio media is not available in the market because of jio is planning to launch another tv service and jio want to earn more profit from that service as jio media cable need just single time invest so that less profitable for jio.

There are some use full links if you want to know more about jio media cable

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10 Micro Niche Site Ideas that makes a powerful micro niche blog

Micro Niche sites are just great. In this post, I will tell you the best micro niche site ideas list. All ideas that I will share in the post are tested and give you 100% results. Micro niche offers you great opportunity to rank your blog in less time with the low number of articles.

Micro Niche blog ideas
Micro Niche Blog Ideas

Micro niche sites are great but not all I will tell you each idea with pros and cons. A micro niche blog is easy to set up and wants less effort to start a new blog. you can start a micro niche blog with any type of domain and also with basic hosting.

What is a micro niche site?

Micro niche site means a site for a specific thing or place. In a micro niche, you need to specify that thing clearly as well as deeply. Most of the Micro niche sites contains few articles but contain most useful information for a specific thing.

Micro niche sites list:

1. Customer Care number site

This is the most popular category in micro niche site industry. these sites make a good amount of money because these sites help some to solve their problem. These type of micro niche sites only earns from google adsense, but you will get enough according to efforts you make to develop this site because this site requires fewer efforts.

There are few examples of micro niche sites that are based on this idea.
  • (not available domain)
  • (not available domain)
  • available domain)
  • etc
These are easy to set up because you have no need to create content by your self. Just you have found details about company customer care number and email id and other basic information.

  • A domain name
  • basic hosting package
  • Few articles contain the minimum 1900 words (Because of an article with high word strenth rate rank better
  • Easy to rank and setup
  • Low competition
Sometimes company on which you create your site or domain provider ban your domain. Personally, I faced this problem with my domain So you have to check this.

Moreover, you also need to check that someone not already working on the same project.

2. Name suggestion site:

This is another great micro niche site idea because this idea comes with several sub-categories like Dog name, funny wifi name, funny pet names, pet names etc. These type sites face more competition but also gets a great amount of traffic.

These type micro niche sites are also very easy to set up but you need to spend more time on content creation. because you can't copy. These type of are earning a great amount of money. 

This type of site earn from google adsense as well as from affiliate market because you can suggest books to readers about your site

  • A domain with the company name
  • basic hosting package
  • Few articles contain the minimum 1900 words (Because of an article with high word strenth rate rank better
  • Need to create the best unique content
  • Get Traffic from all around the world
  • More traffic as compared to other sites
  • Very Easy to rank  if you find a subcategory on which nobody is working
Moreover, this type of sites has no disadvantages just you need to create good and unique articles for your blog

3. Guiding

This is category also contains several subcategories on which you can work like shoes buying guide if you're a girl you can also for makeup guide as this is a micro niche idea so you can name your site like night time make up guide or lipstick buying. The lens buying guide is also great like Nikon 50mm lens. 

In this category, you can also make money from google adsense as well as from affiliate market like Amazon affiliates.

  • A domain name
  • basic hosting package
  • Few articles contain the minimum 1900 words (Because of an article with high word strenth rate rank better
  • Need to create the best unique content
  • Covering a single market is far more easy to rank.
  • you can share knowledge about anything you know no matter what is this.
Moreover, this type of sites has no disadvantages just you need to create good and unique articles for your blog

4. Event or Festival

This is such a great category to create a powerful micro niche site. If you create a site on any event or festival then you will face the huge amount of traffic but only for few days, but these few days traffic will be more than you think, because of on any special occasion traffic increases rapidly. Even I heard that someone makes $2000 from a 2 months old site in just a single day.

only a few articles and few efforts make you rich and also top on Google in few movements. If you want to create an event based blog make sure that your working on site before 2 to 3 months and have 10 to 15 articles in your blog. For example your working on a valentine site you can write valentine gifts and also how to celebrate Valentine and more

This type of site also earns from adsense and as well as from affiliate program. you can add links of valentine gifts from them you can earn a good income in just a single day.

  • A domain name
  • basic hosting package
  • Few articles contain the minimum 1900 words (Because of an article with high word strenth rate rank better
  • Need to create the best unique content

  •  Required less time to invest
  • Earn more money in just single day 
  • Site work on events only

5. On a Specific Product

This topic requires special knowledge about something, for example, a printer or something else you can write about them like a detailed review about a thing and also other things like how to change ink, how to change printer header and all another shareable knowledge.

This could be a great site but you should have great knowledge about that thing. These type of sites always get a good amount of traffic because everyone faces some sort of problem with each and every product.

This site earns a good amount of money from adsense but a great amount of money from affiliate because you can share links of products like accessories and other changeable products.

  • A domain name
  • basic hosting package
  • Few articles contain the minimum 1900 words (Because of an article with high word strenth rate rank better
  • Need to create the best unique content
  • Make a good amount of money and drag good traffic.
  • Only a few but deep knowledge-sharing articles are enough

6. Writing about a Place

This is a great topic to work if in your home there is a place which is searched on google more. You can write off that thing, for example, Taj Mahal if you live near Taj Mahal so you can share great knowledge and photos. Taj Mahal keyword has more competition but you can share knowledge about other places like the famous temple which mostly searched on google.

Main Advantage of this category is less competition. you will less competition as compared to others. Another advantage of this category is you will be well known to that place if that place is in your locality. You can easily explain about that place

  • A domain name
  • basic hosting package
  • Few articles contain the minimum 1900 words (Because of an article with high word strenth rate rank better
  • Need to create the best unique content
  • Less competition 
  • Easy to start
7. A relationship micro niche

This idea sounds a little bit confusing but this is great. Nowadays many people are facing the problems with it so you can start a blog like boyfriend-girlfriend relation problem divorce problems how to solve them all. these type of blog get great hits from developed countries I don't why but from these type of blogs you can get good CPC.

You should have great knowledge about these type of problems before starting a micro niche blog and also have the capacity to write about this type of micro niche blogs, because these type of blogs demand more knowledge.

  • A domain name
  • basic hosting package
  • Few articles contain the minimum 1900 words (Because of an article with high word strenth rate rank better
  • Need to create the best unique content
  • Good CPC
  • Better Traffic
  • This idea is not for all.

8. A  blog about offers and coupons

If you want this idea in a micro niche blog idea your blog should be like that, You write about popular site offers or coupons. For example Bluehost, Godaddy or Amazon etc.

This is a very profitable and less competitive idea. you can easily rank for a term if you write good content and choose a right domain name for your blog. For these type of micro niche blogs, it is very important to have a good domain name. 

These type of micro niche blogs are very popular because of everyone search for offers and coupons, everybody wants a discount.

  • A domain name
  • basic hosting package
  • Few articles contain the minimum 1900 words (Because of an article with high word strenth rate rank better
  • Need to create the best unique content
  • Earn good commission from the affiliate as well as from google adsense.
  • less competition

9. A blog based on a hobby

This is a great idea for your blog because in this category you can write about anything you like for example Pencil sketch or something else that you like to do and you have proper knowledge about that thing that could be anything you like, your family member or your friend likes.

These type of micro niche blogs earns a good amount of money from affiliate market like you can refer products to some, for example, a blog on the athlete you can suggest shoes or a special dress.

Competition depends on your idea.

  • A domain name
  • basic hosting package
  • Few articles contain the minimum 1900 words (Because of an article with high word strenth rate rank better
  • Need to create the best unique content
  • Earn good commission from the affiliate as well as from google adsense.

10. E-learning micro niche blog

E-learning micro niche blog means a blog that teaches a specific for example nowadays ielts is in trend many people search for these type of terms but fewer ones are covering these type of topics even these type of areas have zero competition for keywords which are searched for more than 10000 times every month

These type of blog make a good amount of money from affiliate market also by suggesting books and useful products on the internet

  • A domain name
  • basic hosting package
  • Few articles contain the minimum 1900 words (Because of an article with high word strenth rate rank better
  • Need to create the best unique content
  • Earn good commission from the affiliate as well as from google adsense.

How to find articles topics to write for your micro niche blog?

This is very easy to find out a topic, first of all, go to and search for a keyword, for example, valentine or something else

Now you will see countless keyword will be listed there I suggest you pick up some important keyword and write articles on those topics.

If I forget to share any of idea don't forget to share it down below and also tell which one do you like most

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Best 5 Anycast apps

Welcome to 5ady. In this post, I will tell you the best apps you can use with anycast. In this post, I will tell you about each and every app you can use with your anycast. 

There are many reasons to use anycast like some phones not support screen sharing and also sometimes sharing with DLNA is to provide better sound and video quality.

There are many many apps which you can use with your anycast without any root accesses and work in a great way. If your phone is rooted than I will also tell you the best apps with root access to use with anycast.

What is anycast?

Anycast is best miracast / screen sharing dongle I have ever purchased. Any is a budget dongle and also easy to use. Anycast support almost each and every android device without any third party app. But in some cases when an android phone does not support miracast, like Motorola phones. With that types of phones, you need some third party apps.

Following are the apps is best for your anycast dongle.

anycast app 1. Miracast for Android TV: Miracast for Android Tv is a best and light app. This app will help you to find out screen mirroring option in your smartphone. Whenever you purchase a anycast or any other type of dongle it is a herculean task to find out screen sharing option in your phone. This app only requires 1.7 MB space in your phone. There are many other apps which are similar to Miracast for Android TV but they consume much more are in your smartphone memory as compared to this app.

How to use this app?
This is best and easy to use app with anycast dongle. First of all download this app from google play store. Now open this app click on search for miracast. This app helps you to find out cast screen option in your phone. 

Download this app from Play Store: Download 
Download APK of this app: Downlaod

anycast app 2. BubbleUPnP for DLNA: This is best for you if your phone not supports cast screen or miracast. This app will help you to connect your phone with your anycast dongle. This is an amazing app by using this app you can share videos photos and more content on the big screen. This covers 17 MB space in your phone. This app is also very easy to use the app. 

How to use this app?
First of all download this app from the play store. Now opens this app now move your anycast dongle to DLNA and connect your phone to wifi with anycast wifi. After this select a media file to cast.

Download this app from Play Store: Download
Download APK of this app: Download

anycast app 3. Screen Stream Mirroring Free: This will help you cast not only media files but also complete screen to your TV. But this app needs root access to use this app in a smooth way. If your phone does not have root access then you can not share audio while sharing the complete screen. Without root access you can only share media files like videos, photos, audio files but you can't share full screen to play games or stream youtube.

How to use this app?
First of all download this app from the play store. Now opens this app now move your anycast dongle to DLNA and connect your phone to wifi with anycast wifi. After this select a media file to cast.

Download this app from Play Store: Download
Download APK of this app: Download

anycast app 4. Mirroring 360 sender Basic: This app also similar to upgiven apps but for some users, this app works perfectly for some not. This is another app for your anycast to connect your phone to your anycast dongle. This app also helps you to share media files to your TV.

How to use this app?
First of all download this app from the play store. Now opens this app now move your anycast dongle to DLNA and connect your phone to wifi with anycast wifi.

Now select anycast from the phone screen. After this select a media file to cast.

Download this app from Play Store: Download
Download APK of this app: Download

anycast app 5. Anycast:  This is the last app but not least in our list which can help you to find out connect your phone with anycast dongle. This app is not as good as others but this is a simple app and also designed for anycast only. This is not an official anycast app but you can use this app in the case of upgiven apps not work with your device.

How to use this app?
First of all download this app from the play store. Now opens this app now move your anycast dongle to DLNA and connect your phone to wifi with anycast wifi. After this select a media file to cast.

Download this app from Play Store: Download
Download APK of this app: Download

Note - All upgiven apps are work with anycast you can download all apps from google play store. These apps do not work with IOS devices.

How to Use anycast with an app?
You can use anycast without any third party app. There are some simple steps you need to follow to connect your phone with anycast.

First of go to settings or slide down the multi-information tray.
Now go to cast/cast screen / Screen mirroring - these options vary according to the phones. If you're using a Samsung phone than you can find screen mirroring option in other smartphones you can find cast screen or cast option. 
Now click on three dots on the top right side of our smartphone now enable cast screen from there. This option is not available in some smartphones if this option is not available then you cannot use cast screen without any third part application feature.
Now select anycast dongle

Make sure that anycast dongle on miracast mode.

Monday, October 15, 2018

How i bypassed facebook photo tag verification..

      Facebook photo tag verification is one of the crap security systems, usually facebook forces one to verify this, once there it seems to be an unusual activity like adding more friends,  joining more groups in a short period of time,. so you came here to know how I passed the security system,...let me say in easy words.

Note: Fewer friends [50-100] = Easy to Get back

                                                          More than 100 friends = Difficult to get back [have to do more work]

Method 1: How I bypassed the security verification 

            What I did is joined more groups within the sum of time and that made the robots to prove that I am the right person using the account ??, Okay follow the simple steps 

  1. Use windows browser like chrome or firefox for this,
  2. Enter your email and password and you will be forced to enter the captcha [authentication] and then you were asked to identify the photos of the friends [basically this is tagged photo & profile pictures]
  3. Here we will get 5 photos + 2 skip option 
  4. Now get a snipping tool [default in Windows 7,8] and capture those 7 pictures one by one and save with 1,2,3.... [use both skip options]
  5. Repeat the step 4 again [depends on the number of friends you have] between 50-100 then you need at least 20 images.
  6. Now check back your email social tab for the notifications [AAA confirmed your friend request], note down all the names in a notepad 
  7. Now go to Facebook and enter those names in search and get their profile --> photos [Get one spar account to get full access to profiles]
  8. Check back and compare the photos on their timeline with the photos you have snapped, once you found on rename those images with their profile name...
  9. Once you find all your friend's photos now try to solve the security... 
Note: If you feel, your account is important then you have to do this procedure.

Method 2: Seeking help from Support 

       As I said earlier the above first method works if you have 50-100 friends and it is very hard to get back if you have more than 1000 friends using that method., And now this is the only way to get back your account by appealing to FB support with your government issued Photo ID card...

  • Go to this link with your blocked Fb account
  •  Select "I have gov-issued photo ID"
  • Enter your Name & DOB from Photo ID [Name & DOB should match with the username that you have in Facebook ]
  • Now upload the Photo Id issued by the government [Address is not important so you can blur/hide it..]

Malwarebytes Premium keys for free

Malwarebytes premium keys , grab as soon as possible before it getting leeched. I will be updating the malwarebyte anti-malware premium keys , its a life time premium keys.

About Malwarebytes:

  1. Detects and protects against malware in real-time
  2. Blocks hacking and phishing attempts
  3. Schedules automatic scanning
  4. Offers three flexible scanning modes

Malwarebyte Premium Feature:

  • Real-time active malware prevention engine blocks known threats
  • Heuristic protection prevents new zero-day malware infections
  • Malicious website protection blocks access to known and zero-day malicious web content
  • Automatic priority updates and scheduled scanning
  • Blazing fast flash scans

Malwarebytes Premium Keys


How to Activate :

  • Install Malwarebyte from the official site , that will give you trial
  • Click Register/Activate
  • Enter ID & Key
  • Press Activate , [If the key is already used then try other]

ID : 4KA52

Thursday, October 11, 2018

how to use on PC

Hello, everyone welcomes to There is an amazing site named as but that is only available for android phone user not for computers you cannot use this site on pc. if you open this site on pc browser than it will show an error message that you can't use on PC. on computer

What is is a site launched by Flipkart instead of actually now eBay is not available India you cannot use eBay in India. now it is where you can buy refurbished gadgets like phone, laptops power banks, and more refurbished gadgets at a great price. divided their refurbished gadgets into four grades the first one is good, second is a very good third is superb and last, is like a new which means unboxed gadgets. which look like a new device.

Many people are facing problems while opening this site because of this site only available for smartphone users. In this, I will give you the solution to this problem. there plenty of methods to open this site on pc and in this I will all methods with you.

Method first

This is an easiest method and works with almost all computers who have latest chrome browser installed and this method is too easy to use and anyone can use this method without any technical knowledge.

First of open now you see a message about that you are on the wrong device use your phone to open

Now click on the third mouse button and click on inspect

Now click on the top left side of the dialog box on smartphone icon and refresh the page.

Now you can see that is working on your pc. but you have to use this site with inspect dialog otherwise this will not work.

This method also works with each and every pc. if you face any error than upgrade your chrome browser. There is another thing to note that is that this method only works with chrome browser. You can not open on any other browser.

Method No. 2

There is another simple method which is very popular and almost everyone uses this method to open sites like This is method is not as easy as the first method. in this method, you have to download some application to open on your PC.

First of all, download bluestacks. To download blusestacks just to go to and click on the downlaod button
Now install bluestacks and download any browser that works only with portrait screen.
After this type and use this site.

You can also use an application which is named as Lite One For All Shopping. This will help you to use this site in a better way.

Note - you can also use any other android emulator and apply the same steps on that emulator.

If you face any other problem you can comment down. I will try my best to assist you.