Thursday, October 11, 2018

how to use on PC

Hello, everyone welcomes to There is an amazing site named as but that is only available for android phone user not for computers you cannot use this site on pc. if you open this site on pc browser than it will show an error message that you can't use on PC. on computer

What is is a site launched by Flipkart instead of actually now eBay is not available India you cannot use eBay in India. now it is where you can buy refurbished gadgets like phone, laptops power banks, and more refurbished gadgets at a great price. divided their refurbished gadgets into four grades the first one is good, second is a very good third is superb and last, is like a new which means unboxed gadgets. which look like a new device.

Many people are facing problems while opening this site because of this site only available for smartphone users. In this, I will give you the solution to this problem. there plenty of methods to open this site on pc and in this I will all methods with you.

Method first

This is an easiest method and works with almost all computers who have latest chrome browser installed and this method is too easy to use and anyone can use this method without any technical knowledge.

First of open now you see a message about that you are on the wrong device use your phone to open

Now click on the third mouse button and click on inspect

Now click on the top left side of the dialog box on smartphone icon and refresh the page.

Now you can see that is working on your pc. but you have to use this site with inspect dialog otherwise this will not work.

This method also works with each and every pc. if you face any error than upgrade your chrome browser. There is another thing to note that is that this method only works with chrome browser. You can not open on any other browser.

Method No. 2

There is another simple method which is very popular and almost everyone uses this method to open sites like This is method is not as easy as the first method. in this method, you have to download some application to open on your PC.

First of all, download bluestacks. To download blusestacks just to go to and click on the downlaod button
Now install bluestacks and download any browser that works only with portrait screen.
After this type and use this site.

You can also use an application which is named as Lite One For All Shopping. This will help you to use this site in a better way.

Note - you can also use any other android emulator and apply the same steps on that emulator.

If you face any other problem you can comment down. I will try my best to assist you.


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